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Looking Out for #1 [Paperback]

Looking Out for #1No description for this product could be found, but have a look over at Amazon for reviews and other information.


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Winning Through Intimidation [Mass Market Paperback]

Winning Through Intimidation

If you’ve ever found yourself coming out on the short end of the stick, you’ll appreciate the rewards that can be yours whenyou take the initiative in every area of your life. Written by the bestselling author of MILLION DOLLAR HABITS, this business gem, explains in candid terms what intimidation is, why you become intimidated and how you can avoid the mental lapses that can cause you to fall victim to intimidation.

From the Inside Flap

If you’ve ever found your (more…)

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To Be or Not to Be Intimidated?: That is the Question [Paperback]

To Be or Not to Be Intimidated?: That is the Question

Text is the rewritten and retitled edition of Winning Through Intimidation, c1974. Provides insightful advice on how not to be intimidated. Softcover.

About the Author

Robert Ringer is the author of seven books, including three best sellers. He has appeared on numerous American talk shows, and has been featured in such publications as Time, People, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron’s, and the New York Times. His books have been read by an estimated 1 (more…)

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Million Dollar Habits [Mass Market Paperback]

Million Dollar Habits

From Publishers Weekly

Irrespective of intelligence, skills, education or luck, claims Ringer ( Looking Out for #1 ), the faithful practice of specific, simple “habits” will assure success in one’s chosen field, preferably a job that is both financially rewarding and personally meaningful. The term “habit,” however, is misleading as Ringer uses it, e.g., “the Action Habit,” to embrace discussions of human relations, morality, efficiency, self-discipline, etc. This self-help book, (more…)

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