Lessons From The Colonel – Show#2

What can you learn from KFC?  We share what is probably an urban legend but the lessons are still there.

Everyone says they are customer focussed but are you truly?  It’s not an easy thing to filter all your decisions through what is best for your customer.  It’s too easy for us to have blinders in place whether it’s just your particular world view that you see things through or just because you’ve always done things a certain way and are unable to step back and see any other creative options.

What is your unique selling proposition…  The one thing (or several) that makes you truly better and unique in your marketplace?  If you don’t have something or can’t think of anything you need to develop it.  Think of ways you can inject your personality or some added value item that others are not willing or able to do.

Some ideas:

  1. Monthly snail mail newsletter
  2. Weekly email tips and tricks to save your customer money or time.
  3. Free group cooking lessons for your restaurant or food service patrons.
  4. Fashion tips and color match tips for your clothing store clientele.
  5. Book reviews and book-of-the-week pics for your bookstore.
  6. Free safety training for your insurance business customers.
  7. Be creative – inject something with your personality into added value for your customers.

Have fun!

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