No Time To Figure Out How To Improve Profits…

“I’m so busy, I hardly have time to breath…” the frazzled business owner told me “… Much less figure out how to improve my business”.  If she could have heard the words coming out of her mouth I’m pretty sure she would have phrased it differently.

Blaming a lousy economy, increasing costs, poorly performing employees and just about everything else, this poor business owner was struggling to stay afloat.  Like a non-swimmer falling out of a boat into shallow water, she was flailing about just trying to keep her head above water and didn’t realize that is she stopped to calm herself she may realize that her feet could actually touch bottom.

Whether you run an existing online or offline (brick & morter) business or are just getting started it’s important to take the time to reflect on what’s happening around you, focus on those actions that improve your profitability and remove the time wasting activities and unprofitable product lines that are losing money.

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