Multiple Residual Income Streams – Show #5

If you take a minute and look around at the wealthiest people around you – what do they all have in common.  Well, first throw out the ones who won the lottery, married into money or had a huge inheritance handed to them.

What’s left are people who found ways to leverage one or several assets and create streams of residual income.  Someone comes up with a great business idea that can scale up – maybe even franchise with many employees and multiple locations and eventually a small percentage of a huge gross sales number becomes millions of dollars in income each year.  Maybe you know someone who invented a product or process and then licensed that to a large company, living out their life like a rock star.  Or maybe they began investing in real estate at an early age and just kept leveraging the first property into more and more until 20 years later all the initial properties are paid off, they have millions in asset value to continue buying more and the rent income becomes a staggering number.

In the internet world – domain names are like real estate, web sites and web businesses can be operated with almost complete automation meaning that you can leverage your time into multiple streams of residual income with very little monetary investment.

With the huge number of affiliate programs available you don’t even need a product to sell – you just need to find a way to drive buying visitors to someone else’s product.  You just need to think outside the box a bit and soon you’ll have more ideas than you have time to implement.  I started a number of years ago but currently have over 500 domains and 200 or so web sites – some bring in only $4 or $5 a month and some bring in much more than that every day.   Five dollars a month isn’t much – but keep adding more and more of these until you have 1000 or so sites, then ramp up the income per site to $100 per month and pretty soon you’re into real money.

Don’t have an idea where to start? – I’ll give you one of my site ideas for free…

A year ago we had an older car that I wanted to get rid of but couldn’t seem to sell for a decent price and I noticed that the parts were selling on ebay for a decent amount of money – added it up quick and realized that I could get a great deal more out of it by selling the parts.

Instead of just putting the parts on ebay – I purchased a domain name that had the year, make and model of the car and then set up a wordpress blog with the posts titled for each of the parts I was selling – this gave me immediate search engine rankings as someone searching for ‘1995 jeep wrangler headlight’ matched my domain name and page title exactly.

Then at the bottom of each page I pulled in an ebay feed of items that match the part description and my affiliate link when they click through to ebay.  I then started listing the parts on craigslist for free with links back to my web pages.

It’s a year later – the parts are all gone but that web site still brings in a steady stream of affiliate income from ebay purchases that people make from my links.

There’s a free idea for you that most people would charge $29.95 for an ebook…

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  1. #1 by admin on November 28, 2009 - 6:31 pm

    What are some of your ideas for residual income streams? We’d love to hear your feedback…

  2. #2 by Dave on March 14, 2010 - 7:37 pm

    Thanks a good idea, I’m trying to do a simmialr thing with my site but writing product reviews, take a look.
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..How to advertise your eBay store using Google Adwords PPC =-.

  3. #3 by Laurence Michael on June 28, 2010 - 12:12 am

    Oh ya, i forgot, Great article about residual income.

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