Everyday Marketing, No Money Needed – Show #4

I split my time between operating a traditional business along with multiple web sites and internet businesses so I’m usually in the middle of several projects at a time and hate taking time out of my schedule to get my hair cut – unfortunately, in a civilized society having an unkempt mess on top of my head is frowned upon.  I had a coupon for $5 off at one of the little chains that promises no appointment necessary and fast service so I decided to make the stop.  The stylist on duty entered my name in the computer and said it would be 10 minutes or so.  I walked next door to buy a greeting card and came back several minutes later to find 3 more people waiting and reading their magazines but no stylist in sight – although we could hear 3 or 4 voices cackling and laughing away in the back room.   Five, ten, fifteen minutes with an employee coming out from time to time to assure us that someone would be available shortly.  Thirty minutes later (40 minutes from the time I first arrived) someone finally escorted me to a chair to begin the cutting process.

Did I feel valued as a customer?  Not really…  Did the insensitivity given to the value of my time negate thousands of dollars this corporation spends advertising in this marketplace?  Most definitely!

Everything you or your employees do and almost every decision you or your employees make is ‘marketing’.

  • Employees leave the phone ring 6 or 7 times beforrre picking up because two of them are having a spat about which one has to work the hardest and is waiting for the other to pick up the incoming call.
  • Your customer rushes to your office to beat the Friday at 5pm closing time – arrives at 4:56 to find the doors locked because your employees wanted to get a head start on the weekend.
  • Delivery truck w/your business name in bold letters cuts someone off in traffic.
  • A devaluing corporate culture has you or your employees viewing a customer contact as a distraction to their work instead of an opportunity to create another ‘WOW experience’, sell them additional services and creating a customer for life.

By contrast, my wife and I ate at a mid-level priced chain restaurant last night – the table cloths were actually paper and I noticed 2 crayons lying in the center which I thought was a little odd…  until the waitress came to take our drink order.  Before she left she wrote her name in big letters on the table – the kicker was that she wrote it upside down so that we could easily read it.  The ease at which she did it had us all intrigued so we were all practicing writing our names upside down on the table.  I didn’t even notice the significance until she returned with our drinks and called us by name – she was reading our names from the ‘upside down’ practice writing we were doing.  Pure genius from a marketing perspective!   They came up w/a hook that was entertaining for the customer and allowed the waitress to call us by name – feeling special.

Do you want to destroy everyone else in your marketplace?  Develop processes and procedures that value your clients time and energy.  Change everything that makes it more difficult for your customer to do business with you.  Come up with creative ideas that create WOW experiences for your customers.

We’d love to hear from you – what are some ways you are creating ‘WOW experiences’ for your customers and creating raving fans of your business?  There is no better marketing than a raving fan of your business telling all their friends to also do business with you.

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    How have you created ‘WOW experiences’ for your customers? We’d love to hear your feedback…

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