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The Power Of Facebook – Leverage The 500 Million Pound Gorilla

Every now and then in this fast paced, ever changing technology world along comes a complete game changer – someone or something that completely changes the way the system works. In just six years time (and the real explosion began just 2 – 3 years ago) the giant that is Facebook has topped 500 Million users – a number previously unheard of in the world of web site memberships. Even if you could figure out a way to get each member to pay you a penny a year that’s 5 million dollars a year. That’s almost enough to allow most people to quit their day job.

It seems like everyone is trying to find a way to harness the power of this new 500 pound (or is that 500 million pound) gorilla. I see two or three new $100-200 courses a month advertising the latest and greatest secret to instant wealth using Facebook. From paid ads to super fan page secrets and anything in between.

The problem remains that people come to facebook to socialize and not to purchase. That’s not to say that monetizing can’t be done but you’re going to have to think outside the box. Creating a facebook page called ‘Bob’s Hardware’ will probably get you a few fans – maybe a couple regular customers who have been buying your secret birdseed for years and your employees if they like you. Unfortunately, that’s a long way from the huge potential fan base available. So, let’s think outside the box a bit.

People love causes, or should I say they like to be part of something that is popular with their particular group of friends. We claim to be individuals but don’t really stray too far from the worldview and mindset of our peers. So, if all your customers are conservative you could start a fan page around a conservative cause that a large group of people would ‘like’. Or, if you support a cause that is identifiable to your community you could name a page “Facebook Fans Fighting To Cure Cancer”. On your fan page have a script that only shows a coupon to users who choose to ‘like’ your page. Your coupon would be for every purchase of $100 or more the customer get’s $10 off and Bob’s Hardware donates $10 to the local Cancer research foundation. The customer puts their facebook user name on the coupon when they turn it in and every time you have one redeemed you post the news on your fan page, which in turn is posted on each of your fan’s facebook page.

Oh, and because you chose such a great name for your page, when someone clicks the like button it shows up in their profile as “John Miller” likes “Facebook Fans Fighting To Cure Cancer”

That idea’s worth at least a grand – send an email to and I’ll get you my paypal address. Now get to work…

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